Which Area Code Is 304?

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Area codes 304 and 681 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) that cover the whole nation of West Virginia in the United States. The coding plan area began in October 1947, with area code 304 as one of the earliest eighty-six North American area codes. An overlay framework that came into place on March 28, 2009, combined area code 681 with the same zone.

History Of Area Code 304

Because of its low population density, West Virginia was one of the last provinces with just one area code at the beginning of the twenty-first century. With the widespread availability of communication systems, particularly cell and mobile phones and fax machines, press reports in 2007 predicted that West Virginia will indeed soon require a new area code.

The West Virginia Public Service Commission voted 2-1 on January 29, 2008, to split numbering plan area 304, with committee chairman Michael Albert voting in support of an overlay. The suggested partition would have kept Charleston and points south (Huntington, Bluefield, and Beckley) with area code 304, while the northern and eastern parts of the state (Wheeling, Morgantown, Clarksburg, and Parkersburg) with a different area code.

Furthermore, most Government officials both state and local like Governor Joe Manchin and others voiced their opinions which were in opposition to the split but favored overlay.

Telecommunications service providers preferred an overlay to a split. They desired to save their northern West Virginia customers, residing in remote areas, the hassle of changing phone numbers, which would have necessitated the reconfiguration of all cell phones. An overlay would have resulted in the assignment of 15.6 million telephone numbers to a state with a population of slightly more than 1.8 million people.

In March 2008, NANPA Planning Letter #375 launched the new area code’s implementation details. On July 26, 2008, supportive ten-digit local dialing of numbers in the existing 304 area code started. During this time, local 304 calls could still be made using only seven digits. On February 28, 2009, ten-digit local dialing of existing 304 numbers became mandatory. On March 28, 2009, one month after the implementation of strictly enforced ten-digit dialing, new numbers for area code 681 became obtainable. On December 28, 2008, a phone number (681-990-TEST (8378)) for testing appropriate configuration to the new area code from any West Virginia phone number went into service and remained active until June 28, 2009.

Area code 304 location

The area code 304 is in the Eastern time zone. The Eastern Time Zone is also known as America / New York.

Conclusively, 304 is one of the initial 86 area codes established in 1947 by AT&T and the Bell System. It was originally intended to serve the entire province of West Virginia. Area code 681 was created in 2009 and is presently an overlay to 304.


  1. When was Area Code 304 introduced?

Area code 304 was established in October 1947.

  • When was an overlay area code introduced over area code 304?

An overlay area code 681 was created on the 28th of March 2009.

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