Donna Wardle Biography (Wayne Mardle Family) | Full Details

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Donna Wardle Family

Wayne Mardle is the husband of Donna Wardle, who is from Essex. Wayne Mardle and Donna were both highly skilled darts players.

Wayne has indeed been multitasking his career and personal life while growing up with his immediate relatives. Wayne is a former professional darts player who represented the British Darts Organization from 1993 to 2002 and the Professional Darts Corporation again till 2012.

Wayne has won numerous accolades throughout his careers, such as the Dutch Open in 2000, the Atlanta Players Championship in 2007, and the Denmark Open in 2001. He also came in second in the Desert Classic in 2004 and 2005. Wayne has also made four appearances in the PDC World Darts Championship qualifiers.

Meanwhile, Donna ended up playing darts for a short time and did not have a well-known career as her husband Wayne Mardle did. Moreover, both of them have banded together for a long term and lived together outside their profession.

Donna Wardle Biography

Wayne Mardle’s wife, Donna Mardle, resided in Romford with her relatives. The husband and wife are dart players, and sharing a hobby allows them to better comprehend each other’s ebbs and flows and establish a deeper connection.

Wayne and Donna have been legally married and have shared many romantic moments. The most crucial choice they made was to tie the knot in Las Vegas City on July 2nd, 2002. In an interview with the Guardian in 2008, Wayne showed how they both used Hawaiian shirts on their wedding day. Wayne also shared how He admired Las Vegas and considered moving there permanently with Donna Wardle in agreement. 

Donna Wardle has fought an awful ailment that bedeviled and threatened her life. On 31stJanuary 2018, Wayne Merdle made an emotional tweet revealing “Donna defeated Cancer” with the hashtag #beaten. He used it to convey his  throughout the tweet. The comments section was engulfed with happiness as followers expressed their support and congratulatory messages for Donna’s recovery.

Donna has been Wayne’s prominent supporter during his profession, and she has come to his aid hundreds of times while things went wrong.

Wayne disclosed to The Guardian in 2008 that Donna had been for him even during turning moments of his profession. He assumed he was depressed after losing 5-0 to Kevin Mc Dine in the 2008 Grand Slam of Darts tournament. Donna, on the other hand, was around to encourage him, declaring that Wayne was required to rediscover himself. Her utterances motivated him to beat the reigning world champion, John Part.

Donna’s inspirational statements are indeed a favorite of Wayne’s. Wayne addressed the speculation about his 2020 comeback in a Sky Sports column. His publication

also included a dialogue between him and Donna which unveiled her consolation words when he was worried about the sagas. 

In conclusion, Donna Wardle is from Essex, she is a dart player by profession. She got married to Wayne Mardle on July 2nd 2002 in Las Vegas. Donna is a cancer survivor, Wayne’s cheerleader, and Wayne’s top fan. 

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Wayne Mardle retired?

  • Career end in 2012

What is Wayne mardle doing now?

– Now lives in Romford

Where did Donna Wardle hail from?

Essex County

Who is Donna Wardle’s husband?

Wayne Mardle

How old is Wayne Mardle?

  • He is 49 years old till today (at the time of publishing this article)

Who does Wayne Mardle support?

  • Tottenham

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