How To Activate And Enable Dark Mode On Snapchat On All Devices?

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The usage of dark mode in apps peaked in 2019. Nearly every single other software developer was concentrating on implementing dark mode for their products. The transition to the dark side has become much easier when Android and iOS introduced system-wide dark themes.

Nowadays, almost all social media platforms have built-in dark modes, and Snapchat is no different. In addition to preserving battery life, the dark look makes it simpler to use Snapchat at dusk. Nonetheless, some of you might encounter difficulties using the dark theme, particularly on Android mobile devices. This article examines various methods for enabling or obtaining Snapchat’s dark mode on iOS and Android.

Steps to Enable and Use Dark Mode on iOS Devices.

First method: is via Snapchat settings.

  • Launch Snapchat on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Tap the Bitmoji symbol located in the upper left corner.
  • Select Settings from the top-right menu.
  • Locate App Appearance and tap it.
  • Click the Always Dark option.
  • Alternatively, select Match System if you want the Snapchat app to alternate between dark and light themes based on your iOS appearance preferences.

Technique 2: Using Smart Invert and Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS

  • Go into the iPhone’s Settings.
  • Select Accessibility by moving the cursor down.
  • Go to Appearance & Text Size.
  • Activate the Smart Invert toggle.

In Snapchat as well as other apps, this will cause the screen colors to be inverted (to the negative). Existing apps, movies, and images in dark mode won’t be impacted.

How to Activate and Use Dark Mode on Android Devices.

On Android, there is sadly no built-in option to modify Snapchat’s design to dark. To achieve the black UI on the Android app, we do have a few workarounds.

These were various methods that worked for turning on and utilizing Snapchat’s dark mode for iOS and Android. On iOS, switching to the dark theme is simple, but on Android, you’ll need to use workarounds. We anticipate Snapchat releasing the dark mode for Android soon.

Method 1: Force Snapchat to run in dark mode.

Many Android phones allow you to impose dark mode for installed apps, particularly if the app doesn’t already have it. On OnePlus Oppo, Realme, and Vivo smartphones, we discovered the feature. Here’s how to use it to force-enable dark themes in the Android version of the Snapchat app.

  • Open the settings.
  • Select Display & Brightness in step.
  • Select the Dark Mode settings to link here.
  • Select Dark Mode for outside apps (beta).
  • Locate the Snapchat toggle and turn it on.
  • When prompted, select Turn On to activate Snapchat’s dark mode.

Method 2: Use the Android Dev Options to force Snapchat to use dark mode.

You can force dark mode through developer options if the aforementioned method doesn’t work on your phone.

  • Open your settings.
  • Select Developer Options under System Settings.
  • Switch it on. Enable the Override force dark toggle by scrolling down.
  • Check to see if the Snapchat app has dimmed yet by opening it.

Method 3: To browse Snapchat at night mode, invert the colors.

To use Snapchat in a dark theme at night, you can invert the colors on your Android phone’s screen, just like you can on an iPhone. Invert the colors whenever you wish to use Snapchat in low light conditions, and you should be ready to go.

  • Access your phone’s settings.
  • Click Accessibility in the System Settings menu.
  • Choose Inversion of Color. Activate the toggle.

Additionally, you can activate the shortcut toggle to rapidly bring up the color inversion toggle using the volume keys or a floating button on the screen. You can use inversion whenever using Snapchat or any other app that doesn’t support built-in dark mode.

The films and photographs will also be converted with colors, which is a drawback. Negatives rather than the actual hues will be visible. We advise against utilizing this technique while sending or watching snaps, only when you wish to talk on Snapchat in the dark.

When will Snapchat’s dark mode be available on Android?

In May 2021, Snapchat began making the dark mode option available to iOS users. Android users haven’t received the dark theme for more than a year. Unfortunately, Snapchat hasn’t made any public announcements about when it will be available.

To prioritize the feature’s deployment on Android, you can either use the aforementioned techniques or get in touch with the developers. As soon as Snapchat introduces dark mode in its Android build, we will update this page.

Why can’t I use Snapchat’s dark mode?

To utilize Snapchat’s dark mode on iOS, make sure you have the most recent version installed. Android users will need to wait or find workarounds to get Snapchat’s dark look.

How to Quickly Enable Snapchat’s Dark Mode on Android?

Snapchat does not support dark mode yet for Android devices. We hope that the business will improve next year, but in the meantime, we hope that this guide has allowed you to receive a sneak preview of the feature now.

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