484 Area Code

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484 area code is a most searchable terms. An area code is a code that shows the regional location of phone numbers within a country. The first three digits are designated as the area code, followed by a set of numbers to establish the local exchange. For instance, in the United States, area codes can be found from one to nine.

Canada also has a similar system. In Australia, every telephone number consists of 10 digits regardless of whether it is a landline or mobile phone number. The first three of these are called “area codes” and have no fixed meaning except for their geographic location.

A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunications. It is defined by national or international standards. When the North American Numbering Plan was devised in the 1940s, all calls on a single telephone line were part of the same numbering plan so area codes were not needed to differentiate between different internal callers.

By the late 1960s, however, it had become apparent that further phone number expansion would exhaust all available central office codes and separate area codes would be required. New local numbers with new local calling areas became available, by repurposing 10-digit “long-distance” or toll numbers allocated to larger cities and their environs. In some cases, the central office code is made out of several digits.

They were first used by long-distance operators to establish long-distance calls between toll offices because they were shorter than using two digits to prefix every telephone number in their book. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) uses the term country code for its numbering plan, which was originally based on a country’s telephone numbering plan, although today it is more typically used for standards issued by the ITU and other international organizations.

Area code 484 location

Now that you have a better insight into what area codes are, let us get back to our topic of the day. 484 is an area code located in the state of Pennsylvania, US. The entire state of Pennsylvania uses this area code. It is one of the codes used by AT&T for its Long Distance Service.

The area code includes the cities and townships such as Lancaster, Reading, York, and many others. In particular, the area code is also used for the entire county of Dauphin County. The center of area code 484 is located in Lancaster.

Where is area code 484?

Area code 484 is a Pennsylvania area code that covers the nearby areas of Philadelphia.

The benefits of knowing your area code

1. It helps you to make a call from anywhere

When you dial the area code in other countries, it automatically displays your local phone number. If you are using a phone card, then it saves money by not having to connect nationwide with all those long-distance charges. On the other hand, if you are in the US or Canada, your long-distance call is much more expensive because of those extra charges.

2. A hassle-free life

You just need to remember important codes when you enter another country and everything will be fine. If you are in a country with poor mobile coverage, then you will use your phone card and it will automatically dial the area code.

3. Available call forwarding services

If you are moving to another country or city, always remember to request a call forwarding service. It can be used to reduce long-distance charges when you make calls in your new city. Just dial the area code of your choice and five digits of the local number and you’re good to go! It is one of the many advantages of knowing your area code.

4. Trained professionals

If you need assistance in using your phone, pick up a phone book to find a person with the same area code. It will make things easier as you can just give them the area code and they will immediately have the right person to talk to. If there is still no one, they may even tell you some information. So this would be another advantage of having an idea of what area code is used in your region.


It is a must that you know your area code. The benefits are numerous and it will surely save you a lot of time, hence no need to ask for help from others. Just dial the area code and they will know immediately where you are. It is very convenient indeed!

It is very important to know your area code because it will save you from a lot of confusion when you enter another country. Also, the more you learn about this, the more benefits it gives to you. Don’t take this information for granted because it could help so much in many situations. As we know that everything is based on knowledge and if we don’t get information, there is no chance that our lives will be better.

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